Why you must stage, if you are selling:

You have heard that a house is only a house until it becomes a home. That’s a critical distinction, and most sellers fail to appreciate its importance. If you walked into a house being sold and saw this, you’d have a distinct impression. That impression is neither good nor bad; it is not a judgment; it merely reflects what one can see.

But what we see informs what we think, and an image in one’s mind is as powerful as the “thousand words” that all images represent in the human brain. So what happens to a casual observer who walks into a house and sees this?




A completely different thought process has taken place, and if you were now told that the price of entry of the home you’re looking at is a million dollars, you’ll be a lot more receptive to that seemingly-outlandish figure – because now the true value of this part of the dwelling has been established.

THAT’s the power of staging!